Thursday, 21 August 2008

Gone for a burton!!!!

Well loads of you have been asking where has my blog header gone, To say I am upset is an understatement...

When we buy our crafts especially stamps we want to make the most of them , show them off, I thought I was doing just that with my handstamped header, but it seems to have upset someone!!!

I received an email from Stampingbella saying that I had to remove it because the artist of the fairies would not approve, and as there was a chance of my blog being removed if I did not do this, I decided my blog was worth more than advertising Bella stamps for free!!! God only knows why the artist would not approve, I am dumbfounded!!! and a little upset that my emails have not been replied too... I know I won't be buying anymore of the fairy range thats for sure....

A good friend has made me another one from one of my cards, and I thankgod for good freinds (you know who you are) my fairy godmother!!!!


  1. Well ya knows how i feels about this too kimmie and I sure ain't gonna buy these faireis either. If i were you i would go and tell them to stick their head up their arse :)


  2. aww Kim, thats terrible, you meant no harm to anyone, such a shame they feel like that and I too would not buy stamps from them because of that. Glad you kept your blog that the main thing Hugs Jill x

  3. Oh Kim, what a nightmare, I have heard that she can get a bit strange when it comes to certain things, but chin up chuck, we love ya xx

  4. Oh that's such a shame. Glad you had a 'good-fairy-godmother' to fix things for you... we all need one of those every now and again.
    Big Hugs!
    Sandra xx

  5. Aw that is a shame Kim. Think some people get a bit above themselves at times.Look forward to seeing your new header.

  6. That is ridiculous! You were giving them free publicity. I certainly wouldn't buy their stamps.

  7. What a bummer Kim :( I was looking at the stamping bella website only yesterday trying to decide which stamps to buy but my decison is made now I'm not buying any of them! How on earth someone can object to free advertising is beyond me but their loss is our gain as we will get to see one of your cards as your header instead....and soon please. lol! Chin up kid :) Donna x

  8. Well I agree with Sue Kim. Do you know why there is a fairy on top of a christmas tree hun? Well it is because one was helping Santa with the the chrizzie trees many years ago and she took one to him and asked him where to put it, and her told her lol xxx Perhaps you should tell em the same chicken xxxxx

  9. oh girl I am so sorry but I know your new header will be even better...and I am with sue there is no way I am going to buy those stamps.

  10. I'm gobsmacked Kim, that's awful and as they get free advertising I can't see what they are moaning about!!!!!!! tut tut tut....By the way, thanks for letting me know about the other card, I never saw that one!!!! and I can't see yours either?? unless it's the Kim Gibbons one????
    See you soon Kim and looking forward to seeing your new header!
    Justine x

  11. Wow if I had designed the fairies I would be honored to have them displayed all over the web? Some people jeez.

  12. LOL at Sue's comment!! What a silly woman! Doesn't she realise you are giving her work a good plug??!! Shame on her, some people let little things go to their big heads! xx

  13. Aw Kim, that's awful. And how did they know about it? Gawd there are some nasty gits in this world ya know.... Lol at Sue, but I think their head is already up there!

    Looking forward to seeing your brand new header hun :D Sending you hugs,

    Liz xxx

  14. Hello - just to chip in...not sure if it will help, but may clear a few things up!?!?

    Most images, papers, stamps, digi kits, digi elements are copyrighted to the artist. Most products say in the small print that they should not be used commercially, or for web designs/blog headers. Anything with a copyright symbol is basically a no-go. Even most fonts belive it or not.

    I think this is so that the image is not tampered with, distorted or claimed by someone else as their own work. However, it's always worth asking the artist's permission first and they may let you use it once they've seen the image you've created.

    I've noticed that lots of blogs are using images, papers, digi elements that they probably shouldn't be. You just happened to get caught - shame as I thought your header was lovely...and as you say, free advertising for some very pretty stamps.

    Also, some digi shops (Shabby have now started selling blog header digi kits which is a fab idea and saves any confusion about what can be used.

    Hope that clears up why you were probably asked to remove it...just one of the unlucky ones basically!


  15. How petty I won't buy those stamps either.

    They have lost free advertising and some customers.

    Ann xxx

  16. I'm not buying any more of those fairies either if that is how mean and petty minded they are going to be. The mind boggles that a bit of free advertising can cause such an upset.

    Chin up hunny, they AIN'T worth it!!!

    I love the new header too!!

    hugs Bev x

  17. you're welcome for teh header, its only a simple one, but your iamges are so beautiful it needs nothing else. are these chrismas lilis on sale yet?


  18. How daft is that?! I'm sure you would be upset, I am on your behalf! I love my Stampin Bella stuff but feel a bit differently towards them now :o(


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