Thursday, 21 February 2008

Oh nooooooo!!!!!! whats happened

To me Mojo, It's gone and walked out on me slap bang in the middle of a mag commission, :(((((

What a weird couple of days, Whilst Paul was away I thought me best chance was to buckle down and do this commission again given only a weeks notice... well halfway through Bam!!!!! Nothing, nish to give... and yesterday I had to go collect Paul from heathrow,

so had very little time do anything.....but this mess on my dining table....

which is what I have succeeded in very successfully, funny that, never seem to lose me mojo in mess making...

Later I shall upload some piccies of some RAKS, I have rec'd lately...... h and yes my little post office tale from Monday, calmed down a bit now but only slightly.....


  1. Oh Kim, I've felt like that lately. I'm addicted to blogs and can't stop looking at them and then have no time or mojo to make anything!! I've just tidied my desk, it was a little like yours is! I'm sure you'll be back to your normal crafty self soon, big hugs for ya ((())) x

  2. ((((hugs)))) Hope you get your mojo back. It's so frustrating when that happens.

    Elisabeth SBS

  3. Oh goodness...I hope your mojo has returned by now....I have that problem everytime I get a commission! LOL

  4. Hiya

    After looking at the rest of the blog I doubt your mojo will be gone for long, you have some amazing creations. I love the Penny Black hedgehogs hugging behind the open arched window.

  5. Oh bless you Kimmie..I know that feeling all too well!!!!
    Sit down relax have a lovely cuppa and take it in it`s stride it will come right back to you in a flash...Dont worry!!! youll be fine so will ya cards they always are:)xxx

  6. Not to worry Kim, it'll soon be back. However, mine's been gone for nearly a week now....think it's found another home!

  7. Hope your mojo comes back soon!

    When I get like that, I just have a look at other people's blogs for some inspiration. :0)

  8. Am sure your mojo will come back soon :-)) your dining table looks just like mine I call it being creatively but artistically messy! Well that is my excuse and I stick to it ... and what happened Monday???

  9. Hey Kim! Maybe your mojo has got trapped under that lot! LOL lift a few things up and it might escape.

  10. i love the little girl stamp. I love how she's blowing wishes.

  11. I love the little girl blowing wishes stamp. That's really cute

  12. Perhaps your mojo is under all your stuff on your table LOLXXX
    or is it in the wheeli bin i throw at youLOLxxx
    i am sure it will come back soon ,you have made a lot of grate cards lately xxxxxDawnxxx

  13. Thats Funny I created a similar looking mess today, trying to get samples done for demos this weekend.

    Still no samples done, our Mojos must have gone out for lunch together.

    Tracyx SBS12

  14. LOL at ya all, me thinks Dawn has squashed it with the wheelie

    well thanks for all your encouragement it's much appreciated... I hope it comes back soon , got to do another one with free papers again (odd looking ones too!!) someone up there has a funny sense of humour... thats for sure

  15. Don't worry kim,it will soon be back and i'm looking forward to seeing your next batch!ARGGGGHHHH that sounds like something out of

  16. Hope the mojo comes back soon Kim! Mine is gone too and it's just not happening for me either!!! Must be something in the air or in the water :o(

    Shame I didn't get to see you in Bluewater! Was pretty busy! YUK!

    Have a great week end!

    Hugs xxx

  17. Aw Kim, I hope your mojo comes back soon, I hate that 'aaaghhh' feeling!

    Come on, own up, who clicked on the photo to have a good nosey round Kim's stash, lol, I know I did! :D

    Liz x

  18. LOL Liz... have ya spied one of the cards, its the one I lost me mojo with, and I pulled it all aprat, but am mhappy to say I made a better card out of

  19. Love your card hun! My Mojo has gone AWOL too...hope yours has come home now!! My workspace looks messy too...think it is normal for us crafters though.. Hels xx SBS12

  20. Thanks for your nice comments Kim, they mean a lot to me xx. Re your table, I've got one like that - maybe we got them from the same place lol xx!!! I hate anyone coming for dinner cos I have to clear it all away and then I get bitter and twisted :-( I know only to well re your missing mojo hun cos mine went awol at the weekend. It is just the most annoying thing and especially when there is a deadline looming. I have started blog hopping when things are not going well, cos there is some gorgeous stuff out there and it is a source of inspiration I'll keep popping back to see your stuff cos it's fabbie xxx

  21. How awful... did you say only a week's notice? Gosh you did ever so well in the end, then!
    I no what it's like to lose your mojo at a crucial time... like a birthday card that someone drops on you at the last minute, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a resulting mess at the end of it all.
    Hope you get back to a more relaxed & happy, crafty mo.


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