Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ohhheee I am sooo excited....

I have just been given my briefings on my first commissions with Simplycards and papercrafts, I am soooo excited and feel sick at the same time does that makes sense??, I have been given two today, The first will be in issue 43 and the second one in 44 I think, anyways the stuff for the first one will arrive tommorrow, I am sooo excited I can't sit still, and I really must rest as Paul is on his way to Liverpool to watch his beloved Chelsea play Everton and I have to pick him up from paddington station in london at 4am in morning..(ughhh!!) They are on a specially chartered by Chelsea train, right old cronkety thing n all it is...
My daughter Winnie is over at a friend for a few hours, I should really get some shut eye, but me mind is buzzing with what shall I design,I don't have much time they have to be in post next Friday....
I really don't want peeps to think Cor how the hell did she win that, with that crap!!! I really want to show that the decision to make me winner was the right one!!! Oh now I feel more sick!!!!


  1. Hi Kim
    Am sure they won't think that so stop worrying your cards are fab and am sure you'll come up with something amazing for them .. dead exciting for you ... so well done ... looking forward to seeing your creations in the mag :-))

  2. Right, kimmie, get the kettle on and mash yourself a cup of tea and calm down.We all have every faith in you to do these cards, you have amazing talent, it will show in the completed cards darl.Hugs to ya babe

  3. Hi Kimmie,
    Youll do just fine....dont worry...
    Dosent seem as asthough yo got me card????did ya?
    Iv posted another 2day (Recorded delivery) this time to make sure it arrives.Should be with you tommorrow aswell!!!!

  4. I know just how you feel...I get excited when I get the commissions then panic sets in as to what I am actually going to do.LOL!
    I'm sure your cards will be great, never seen a bad one from you yet!

  5. Am sure ya cards will be fantastic Kimmie, don't you worry! Can't wait to see what you come up with - you always have such lovely ideas! x

  6. How exciting Kim, I am looking forward to seeing your creations in the mag! Have they shown the results of the comp yet?

  7. Awww thanks all, getting me head around it

    Deb yes the results were in two issues ago that was on sale on the 13th Dec.....

  8. Crikey, don't know about a cup of tea, if it was me I would open a bottle of wine!! You'll be fine Kim, just treat them like any other cards you make.

  9. Kim, you'll be fine! Your cards are fab, what ever design you choose to do will be great. Have a little faith in yourself - they certainly did to have picked you as the winner! xx

  10. Of course they have made the right decision to make you winner!!! I'm sure you'll come up with some ace projects... Can't wait to see them... For the nerves I'll say forget the tea and drink something a bit stronger to calm down... lol

    Big hugs xxx


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