Saturday, 29 December 2007

Well if this is the start of the new year for me....

It's deffo gonna go down hill from here on in!!!!!

I thought I would have a try to change me header title instead of bothering Caz all the time, well I have lost everything me blog links, me everything look at the state of me blog!!!! am soooo upset getting a blinder of a headache.... I may be card maker of the year but I sure ain't blogger expert!!!!!!!

now stop laughing will ya!!!!

EDITED Oh thank gawdy I pressed a button and got all me linkies back...... stoopid me!!!!! I thinks me will open a bottle of champers and start me new year off now I need ta get sloshed after that kurfuffle.....


  1. I thought I had the wrong blog for a minute Kim!! It certainly is different! Your cards will be fab on whatever the background of your blog looks like ;0) x

  2. Awwww Julia I wants to cry.... I can't check on me fave blogs as all me links have gone....

    Oh and thanky for me card it's super lubberly I shall take a piccie and show the world tommorrow if ya don't mind.... it's really pretty too!!!

  3. Hi Kim, thanks for blog comments as usual!! The cartridge was from Hallmark Scrapbook in USA, got here in 14 days during Xmas post!!! We really love it, aswell as the dolls you get accesories like dinosaurs, castles, horses, its faberooney!! xxx

  4. Ooooh you gone all pink,lol

    love the new look kim and phew thank goodnesss you got it all back, hope the headache's gone now:)

  5. Thought I'd got the wrong blog as well!! You're braver than me altering it, I had enough trouble setting mine up so it will just stay as it is. To say I'm computer challenged is an understatement!! Hope you had a good christmas and a very Happy (and tiddly by the sound of it!!) New Year.


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