Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Oh Lordy Fishy happenings

Oh I am truly driving meself mad!!!!! There is something definately fishy going on here today with a capital F Ffffffishhhhhhhh!!!!!

Have you ever bought a stamp and know that you have bought it home, and need to use it and can't blinkin find it, I am giving meself and real headache!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lol always!! I'd coloured in a Bella image and couldn't find it anywhere, I tipped my craftroom upside down, went downstairs and there it was..... I'd already made a card with it!!! Doh!!
    Sent you an email about the buttons.:-)

  2. Stop it Shary I pmsl there!!!!
    Thats worse than me, I have given up looking now, sort of telling meself I couldn't have bought it afterall, thing is it were a set for £16.00 and has been reduced to £9.50 and I moaned that I hadn't even opened it... bet if I bought it again I would find it... lol

  3. lol, it'll turn up kim, BUT you can always buy it again and then when the old set turns up, i will have them,lol :)

    Kim,go get yourself a cuppa and put your sensible head on.....if you can find

  4. You sure are right ther Sue, lol


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